How to submit a Helpdesk Ticket

You will find the answers to most questions in the Connective Wiki just by searching for a few key words. However, if you need help you can submit a Helpdesk ticket or use Connective Chat during business hours.

How to Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

  1. Click the Help button in the top right of Mercury.

2. Click on Submit a Request or click the area you need assistance with and fill out the ticket details. A ticket will be logged and you will receive an email as confirmation. One our friendly Helpdesk team members will contact you to help resolve your issue.

3.Click My Activities to track the status of of your ticket.

Connective Chat

  1.  During Business hours, you can click Connective Chat to initiate an online chat with one of our friendly Helpdesk team members. 
  2. Connective Chat is available Monday - Friday between 9:30am - 4.00pm.

3. If you are having issues logging in, or cannot access the Helpdesk for any reason, you can email to create a Helpdesk ticket. One our friendly Helpdesk team members will contact you to help resolve your issue.